2015 – 4th of July – I have two dates planned.
Mike #79’s schedule has changed, and I’m about to meet Mike #80 first.

2018 – 4th of July – Mike #80 is my husband. We got married a year and a half ago. We say “I love you,” every night before we go to sleep, and when sometimes I don’t Mike #80 is not upset. He knows I’m crazy… and then Mike #80 will tell a joke, and I will hold his hand close to my heart, and promise him that it is ok, some people somewhere think it is funny. I know, I’m cruel.

But this is really what being together is all about – right?
We all have our “Shticks” in life – and the question is: Do you want/can live with mine? And me with yours?

When starting to date, some of these Shticks are hiding, but they cannot hide for long. It is not about me wanting to change you – but about you want to change – and vice versa.

My biggest decision is to take a deep breath, and not say a word for five whole minutes, just let the storm clear.

4th of July became our Online Dating anniversary. Very cool, I think 😊 hard to forget.

Any special 4th of July stories on your side?

Until next time – Cheers,


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