My first blog.
I have so much to say – where do I start?

Yes, I published my first book, Around Seattle in 80 Dates, this is where it
started. I suddenly found out that I have experience, ideas, and methods that
proved themselves. Online Dating – a world of its own.

Relationships, another world that is being analyzed and investigated forever.
A world that is changing all the time – who moved my cheese, again?
You wake up with the same cheese every morning, are you still ok with the
smell? How does it work to be together forever – I’m a monogamist, so that’s it,
the same one dish until I die.

It worked for me; it can work for others.
What if it will not?
So what? You have to do something, so at least you tried, and something good
will come out of it – better than watching TV, I keep saying.

I like to think outside of the box, and most of the books I read are about self-
development and how to live your life better. I find that I learn something new
from each book, and integrate it into my life in some way.
I change every day.

I’m inviting you to join the journey.

Questions, challenges, thoughts are always welcome.
If you are a Politically Correct person, I have to warn you – I’m Not.
I’m blunt and believe in saying things in your face – in a nice way, but with no BS.
Tough love, some might say. I am just me – honest – and this is something I
don’t want to change.

Cheers, and don’t forget to say hi,


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