One thing that took me by surprise, when I started online dating, was how quickly some men took early stages of chatting to a sexual setting.
I still remember my first dicpic… ahhh… memories. In the beginning, I was shocked.
A total stranger, that I know almost nothing about, sends me a dicpic with no warning. What is going on here?
In the first few times that it happened I blocked the guy immediately and reported the site’s admin. That was the right thing to do, I thought.
But then, I started thinking about it. Let’s see what happens if I answer.
I was just starting my standup performances and could use some good material. Thanks to my Israeli Chutzpa and the new improv skills I was practicing, I decided to play a game.
He: Hey, I have some nude pictures of myself.
Me: Really? We never met and you want to send me nude pictures?
He: I was just kidding.
Me: So was I, you can send them now.
Well, I got what I asked for, many more dicpics, but it wasn’t really what I was looking for at that time, so it was back to blocking but this time I didn’t report to the site admin. I had an epiphany – there are women out there who think it is cool and would like to receive one of these pictures. Maybe they have a collection? Maybe there is a FB page? And guess what – there is: Dic•Pic on FB, go take a look it is a hilarious page!
I was thinking of starting a new Guinness record: the biggest collection of dicpics ever received by using only online dating. This will be a great sales pitch when we choose what online dating site to open our profile with.
Oh, Yes! This site has the most chances that you will get dicpics!
Ok, maybe not.

I heard about the roofy from news and stories on the Internet. Lucky me I was never in a situation where somebody slipped a roofy to my drink and I did not know what is going on. I made sure to guard my drink where ever I went and never left it with strangers. That’s why when I once had a coffee date with a guy, he was obviously interested in chance of a second date, I was astounded when he told me: “why won’t you just put a roofy in my drink? Just put a roofy and do whatever you want to me.
It sounded funny when he said it and I was amused for a long time. I still think it’s a hilarious sentence and completely not PC. Sue me? Wait, there is more.

I was in a lunch date with Mike, who is a 6.3 handsome black guy from Uganda. We were having a great conversation, lots of mutual interests in life and sharing stories about food from our countries. In one point I asked Mike what is his real name? It made a complete sense to me that a 50 years old man that was born in Uganda will have a Ugandan name, right? Mike did not understand my question in the first time, and provided me with his last name. “No, no, no, your first name – what were you named in Uganda when you were born?” Jason looked at me, amused, and made a clicking tongue sound, for about two minutes, and asked me if this is what I’m expected to hear. I smiled wildly and said: “Yes, exactly this. Is this your birth name?” Mike started laughing. His name was Michael from birth. Mike was born to a Christian family and all his family members were named after different people from the bible. I apologized for my ignorance and we both had a good laugh.
Want another embarrassing story?
On an online dating site, I answered to a man named Dan.
I knew I made a mistake the second I clicked on the “Enter” button.
My message was: “Hi, Jason.” Remember? His name was Dan…
I immediately sent another message that said: “Sorry Dan, my bad.”
Dan took it gracefully and answered me right away: “Hi, Michelle. How are you? Whoops, sorry, Renata”. I burst out laughing when I read this sentence. It was a great unexpected ice breaker and provided us with our first private joke.
What am I trying to say with all these stories? It is all about your attitude, and having fun with an embarrassing situation is the best to do.
Mike clicking tongue, Jason… whoops Dan, put a roofy in my drink, are all situations that can be taken very seriously, become embarrassing and maybe even ruin a fun date with an awkward moment.
Own it – you said it, and now you have to deal with it. Hopefully, your date has a good sense of humor and you both will take the opportunity to laugh together and enjoy your own first private joke. It’s a memory.
Remember: no good story ever started with a salad and… when life gives you lemons, you can prepare a limoncello. It is our choice to decide how we process life – so why not enjoy what we are doing.
Cheers, and don’t be a stranger!
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